About Me

This page is still under construction...

My name is Eunice and I'm just a regular girl who is passionate about food. It is my personal quest to try to expand my culinary horizons both at home and abroad. I am by no means a professionally trained chef, on the contrary - I'm just a home cook who really, really loves to eat and drink (and even more so, I love to entertain). Friends, family (specifically my DH),  and neighbours are frequently my guinea pigs test subjects. You know, I don't think that they mind this arrangement, as they seem to keep coming back.
I was a really lucky kid growing up. My parents tried their best to expose me to all sorts of food. Being first generation Canadian, I'm sure that a lot of the foods that we take for granted would have tasted so alien to them. (But more on this later).

My first real experience in the world of food and wine came many years later while I was a student at university. Like many before me, I started working in the food and beverage industry to make a few bucks along the way. My first job was at a local sushi joint here in town. It's actually a rather funny story because I had only ever tried sushi once...two days prior to being hired, and to be totally honest, I.hated.it. My significant other at the time (a high school sweetheart) had thrown me into it head first by ONLY ordering sashimi. I vowed to never do that to my first time sushi customers (there were many), and I broke them into the cuisine slowly by exposing them to the different types of fish and styles over three or four visits. It was a memorable job because I also had many virgin experiences myself. Like opening wine!

Student = poor. Therefore beer = cheap.Wine was just out of my budget.

What a disaster that was. First week in, I asked every single person serving if they would teach me how to open wine. Time and time again, I received the same answer. "Eunice, you need to learn by experiencing it yourself". Fine. Whatever. Fast Forward one week and I was super stoked that a table ordered not one, but two bottles of wine! Armed with the wine and the bartenders' trusty rabbit corkscrew, I was super excited. It was my time to shine. Then I started to panic. My scrawny 94lb ballerina self couldn't push the levers down. I got so nervous that I started to cry. Smooth...real smooth! Thankfully, my table was a table of regulars (and resto ex-industry to boot). They patiently taught me how to open the wine...and advised me to go buy a waiters' corkscrew. Man, I had some great customers.

While I can't promise that I will update this blog as often as I'd like, I will make the promise that I will TRY my very best to do so at regular intervals. If you see that I'm busy tweeting away...give me a gentle nudge and say...."girl, post your recipes already!". I'm a P/T blogger, P/T yogini...but always a foodie.