Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Homemade Bacon Vodka

When I first heard about Homemade Bacon Vodka....I thought to myself "WHHAAAAAAAAATTTTT?!". At first, I felt a little nauseated. Then, I became intrigued. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I'm a firm believer that bacon makes everything taste better. So, is it really that weird to make several batches of bacon flavoured vodka?

For starters, you might ask - what does one do with said vodka? Well, for years, I have been making Caesars with either plain (gasp) or pepper / Chile flavoured vodka. I've even been known on more than one occasion to spice things up by throwing a couple of spoonfuls of horseradish or wasabi into glass (which is delightful, although looks pretty nasty).

This would also be the perfect accompaniment to our annual Wine and Swine event. I awesome would it be to go to a party and receive a Bacon flavoured Caesar garnished with a strip of crispy bacon (Sorry pickled asparagus / spicy green bean / have been replaced), and then proceed to the main event - a whole Chinese style roasted pig. OMG! I think I have died and gone to food heaven!

But now, onto the recipe. Special thanks go to McAuliflower at Brownie Points Blog for the easy to follow recipe.

Pictures will have wait. I'm too busy wiping drool off my keyboard....

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